Jonas "Qube" Rocquefort, III

Think Mal Reynolds from Firefly, but likes ties.




Born in Germany to what could be called corporate wage-slaves, both of Cube’s parents worked in an R&D lab of a company owned by Saeder-Krupp. As an intelligent child, Cube was almost certainly destined to become a corporate drone himself if it wasn’t for a team of runners who botched an extraction. After being cornered by SK’s security forces in the lab that Cube’s parents worked at, the hostage situation turned deadly. While Cube cannot be sure of it, he is of the belief that Aztechnology was the entity that sent in the runners.

Being of no particular use to SK, Cube was deprived of his Corporate SIN and was given a one way ticket to wherever he wanted. His only family was his Uncle Yuri in Helsinki, so that is where he went. Yuri was an arms smuggler who did a lot of business with the Russian mob, the Vory. Being a quick learner and an even faster talker, Yuri found that Cube was a natural and took him under his wing. Literally, as Cube was taught how to fly, shoot, and the basics of moving contraband discreetly.

After one particularly intense encounter with some Ukrainian customs officials, Yuri and Cube managed to escape capture but were unable to complete the delivery of cargo, nor were they able to destroy the shipment.

The relevant authorities were able to trace the shipment to the Vory and as a result some very prominent members of the organization found themselves in prison, if not dead. The Vory, understandably, were most displeased.Yuri was invited to a dinner at a quaint cafe in Kiev which coincidentally also had an unnecessarily large amount of explosives ready to blow. And blow they did.

Cube managed to talk his way out of Europe with his life. Having handed over Yuri’s small warehouse of weapons and ammunition, the Vory allowed Cube to depart Europe with Yuri’s small plane and the clothes on his back. It was made very clear that Cube was no longer welcome in Eastern Europe.

As such, Cube found himself in the place all runners or people with such “marketable” skills end up – Seattle…

Jonas "Qube" Rocquefort, III

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